Life Beyond Money

People often ask what we mean by our motto: Life Beyond Money. What it means to us is that while money is essential to your enjoyment of life, it shouldn’t be your entire focus. If fact, our goal is to help you manage money issues so you can focus on enjoying your “Life Beyond Money.” To do so, we follow a careful process, but it boils down to three things:

  • Get To Know You: You get together with us for a free review.
  • Get Serious: Together we do the homework needed to plan your money life.
  • Get It Done: Together we put your plan into action… now.

Think of us as your first stop when you have money or other lifestyle questions. You may not realize it, but money impacts most decisions in our lives. In fact, you may want to think of us as your “life event” managers. Think about it –- most big life events cost money. Sometimes a major life event is the triggering point for someone to start seeking professional advice. However, properly managing your life and that of your family requires constant attention. Each life event leads to another and sometimes they are quite predictable. That doesn’t mean that people are prepared for them –- unless they plan ahead and talk to us first. If we ourselves can’t help, we can point you in the right direction.

The following would be reasons for you or others to talk to us. Not all of these may apply to you and they may not occur in this order, but here is a pretty good list:

  • Birth of a Child
  • Private Schooling
  • College Planning
  • College Expenses
  • Career Choice
  • First Job
  • New Job
  • Lost Job
  • Business Formation & Dissolution
  • Marriage & Partner Issues
  • Leaving Home
  • First Home
  • Move-up Home
  • Move-down Home
  • Second Home
  • Looming Retirement
  • Bounce-Back Kids
  • Parental Care
  • Health Care Issues
  • Long Term Care Issues
  • Cash Flow in Retirement
  • Estate Issues
  • Legacy Planning

That’s quite a list, but it’s not all inclusive. These events hit us all at different ages, but it’s certain that some of them will hit all of us at times. Maybe you can think of even more life events – some of which may be impacting you right now.